Color-Change Watering Guide for Houseplants: PlantDoc!

✓ Plant Moisture Meter ✓ Vibrant Color Change Indicator ✓ Biodegradable

We invented PlantDoc because we wanted a better way to keep our houseplants looking their best. PlantDoc shows you exactly what your houseplants are experiencing because its made from plants. And unlike other plant moisture meters, PlantDoc is completely biodegradable, and better visualizes your houseplant soil's water level exactly as your plant experiences it.

If you struggle with over or underwatering your plants, have a plant that isn't doing its best, or want the perfect gift for the plant-lover in your life, PlantDoc is perfect for you. Just stick PlantDoc into your plant's soil and let it do the rest: PlantDoc changes from white to a vibrant green monstera image when your plant's soil is wet; as the soil dries, PlantDoc turns back to white from top to bottom, telling you when to water your plant again.

You'll be amazed at how much the color changing effect tells you about your houseplant soil's health and moisture. Because PlantDoc is biodegradable, you'll even be able to catch decomposers like mold, mushrooms or even snails that you might not otherwise see until you un-pot your plant.

PlantDoc: Perfect watering for your plants every time.


  • Insert PlantDoc into soil where it should stay.
  • PlantDoc absorbs water, changing color from white to vibrant green in about 30 minutes
  • As the soil dries out, PlantDoc turns back to white from top to bottom
  • Soil is still wet if you can see some green at the base of PlantDoc (see photo guide)
  • The way to use PlantDoc depends on the moisture preference of your houseplants:
    • Peperomias/Ficuses like soil to dry completely before re-watering: make sure PlantDoc is completely white down to soil level before re-watering.
    • Ferns and Peace Lily's that want evenly moist soil will need PlantDoc to be consistently showing some green at the base, don't let it fully dry out.
    • No matter what you need, PlantDoc can show you exactly how wet your soil is, helping make plant care a breeze.
  • PlantDocs last about 3 months before the biodegrading process becomes noticeable, but will last longer in drier, rockier soil.
    • If you want to move PlantDoc to a new location, wait until it is fully dry. It's best to avoid moving it too much as the stem will become weaker after about 1 month.
    • PlantDoc can be cut into pieces or used inserted differently than shown and still work, but works best when used as shown because it will directly sense the moisture in the top 2" of soil. 


  • PlantDoc soil moisture meter and houseplant gift
  • Handmade from biodegradable material in our home in Portland, OR
  • Choose the desired quantity, more savings with higher quantity
  • Make sure to compost PlantDoc when you're done using it!
  • Visit our FAQ here for answers to questions and other helpful tips.
  • Email Us with any additional questions.

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