Portland Oregon Houseplant Services and Events

As home to Daphne's Botanicals, we provide the Portland metro area with exclusive services and opportunities for our city's houseplant enthusiasts:

Houseplant Design Services

  • We will customize a houseplant interior design plan for your home or business including selecting, sourcing and installing the right plants and related décor for your space and level of care
  • In person evaluation of your space, or virtual meetings available 
  • Detailed assessments of your setting including lighting, dimensions, pet or child concerns
  • We can source all your plants for you for an extra fee, or provide you a list of ideal plants and where to find them locally

What do I do if I'm interested?

Check out our Houseplant Interior Design page for more information and examples and to schedule a free 15-minute consult with Daphne. 

Houseplants for Weddings, Conferences & Events

  • Let us design with houseplant greenery for your wedding, rehearsal dinner, celebration, work conference or other events!
  • We will select, source and install plants to your specifications that will accomplish your goal for the look and feel of your event
  • We can provide anything from a list of appropriate plants and where to find them, to full service event preparation such as placement, potting and design
  • Rental options available for smaller events  

Houseplant Pop-Ups

  • Want to offer your party, business or event a selection of houseplants as gifts or as a wellness benefit? We got you covered!
  • We can provide a curated selection of beautiful, high quality plants, pots and accessories and bring them right to you for your event.

What do I do if I'm interested?

Contact Us by Email or call us at 503-298-6984 with any specifics and we'll work with you!

Local Pick-Up or Delivery

    Visit Our Store on Burnside Street!

    • Go right to the source for our premium houseplant selection! We are constantly updating our beautiful inventory of tropical plants, monsteras, cactuses & succulents as well as our curated choices of only the most beautiful and functional pots (with drainage holes!) and planters.
    • We're located in Redux Boutique across from the Jupiter Hotel on Burnside Street.