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Step 3: Follow-up & Care

Our 3-Step Plant Consignment Program:

Step 1: Schedule your FREE design consult

You and Daphne will discuss your design style, budget, and goals.

Step 2: Choose your houseplants

We will visit to your space with a custom selection and options for houseplants and décor based on our initial conversation. Keep what you want and we'll take back the rest!

Step 3: Follow-up and care

After installation, Daphne will check in for any edits needed and will email instructions on how to continue caring for your new plant babies!

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Transform your space into the plant oasis of your dreams

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Imbue your professional space with greenery to focus & inspire

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Delight your guests with a unique floral and plant touch

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Our Philosophy: Intentional Plant Design

Inside all of us there is an inner green self waiting to be expressed and experienced.

It’s why we're passionate about curating, styling and transforming your space with living plants to be aesthetically beautiful and striking, but also deeply resonating and natural.

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