Event Plant Design

At Daphne's Botanicals, we provide the Portland metro area with exclusive plant and floral services and opportunities for our city's houseplant enthusiasts.

As a plant shop in the Woodstock, OR neighborhood, we look forward to bringing your unique botanical event to life, all while sourcing from local and sustainable suppliers. 

As we adjust to our new space in Woodstock, we are putting a pause on external events until after the holidays. Thank you for your understanding!

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What We Offer

Floral design for weddings, a thoughtful green touch at a conference, a splash of a color at your special event... the plant possibilities are endless!

In search of unique wedding floral and plant design services in Portland, Oregon? Welcome to Daphne's Botanicals, where we specialize in creating exceptional customized, and thoughtfully inspired flower arrangements and plant creations for your wedding.

We pride ourselves on sourcing locally, ensuring that your wedding is not only exquisitely beautiful but also environmentally responsible. Our mission is to seamlessly incorporate nature into your celebration.

Let us delight your guests with personalized plant creations, bringing a touch of botanical elegance to your event. From carefully crafted bouquets to stunning centerpieces and artful plant installations, our designs are tailored to your vision, making your wedding truly one-of-a-kind.

Contact us today to embark on your extraordinary wedding. You journey begins with us – where nature and artistry combine for an unforgettable event.

Elevate your corporate conference or business event in Portland, Oregon, with the exceptional floral and plant design services offered by Daphne's Botanicals. We take immense pride in sourcing locally and are dedicated to crafting intentional, thoughtful, and custom designs that will set your event apart.

Our team understands the importance of creating a professional and welcoming atmosphere for your conference or business gathering. With our expertly designed floral arrangements and plant installations, we add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your venue, leaving a lasting impression on your attendees.

At Daphne's Botanicals, we specialize in tailoring our designs to your specific needs, whether you require striking centerpieces, plant-based decorations, or customized botanical accents. Contact us today to transform your event into a memorable and visually captivating experience. Make your business gathering stand out with Daphne's Botanicals, your go-to for corporate floral and plant designs in Portland, Oregon.

Elevate your special events in Portland with Daphne's Botanicals. From birthday celebrations to new business launches and beyond our expertise lies in creating custom botanical designs that infuse natural beauty and and delight into any occasion. We take pride in sourcing locally, ensuring your event looks stunning and has roots close to home.

Whether you're seeking eye-catching centerpieces or bespoke floral accents, our designs are tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to transform your special moments into unforgettable experiences. Make your occasions truly exceptional with Daphne's Botanicals, your trusted partner for floral and plant designs in Portland, Oregon.

Have your guests create and take home a one-of a kind botanical creation! We tailor each plant pop-up to be as hands-on as you'd like. From fashioning classic floral arrangements, to getting your hands dirty with potting succulent tertiums, Daphne's Botanicals plant pop-ups are a delight for any age and occasion.

Want to offer your party, business or event a selection of houseplants as gifts or as a wellness benefit? We've got you covered!

We can provide a curated selection of beautiful, high quality plants, pots and accessories and bring them right to you for your event.

Have a botanical vision for a unique event that's not listed above? We love to collaborate with fellow creators! Contact us to begin fashioning the plant event of your dreams.

Local Pick-Up or Delivery

  • Any plants and accessories purchased from our online store can be picked-up from our brick-and-mortar location on SE Woodstock Blvd and 50th in Portland, Oregon.
  • If you see something on our website you'd love to have, we can arrange for a special drop off depending on your location in the Portland metro area & our availability.

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  • Go right to the source for our premium houseplant selection! We are constantly updating our beautiful inventory of tropical plants, monsteras, cactuses & succulents as well as our curated choices of only the most beautiful and pots and planters, as well as top-of-the-line plant care tools.
  • We're getting settled into our new brick-and motor space in SE Portland, Oregon!