About Daphne Peters (She/Her/Hers)

I’m a plant lover, obsessed with greenery in unexpected places. I believe plants are a reminder of life’s beauty, and inside all of us there is an inner green self waiting to be expressed and experienced. It’s why I’m passionate about curating, styling and transforming your space with living plants to be aesthetically beautiful and striking but also deeply resonating and natural.

Who I am? Based in Portland, OR, I'm an adopted Filipino from the midwest, cat-obsessed, major homebody and a mother to a baby boy. I’m bored by superficiality but love a glass of good whisky (with one ice cube please!). I built my career supporting entrepreneurs and as a board member of the Women's Business Center at Mercy Corps Northwest I continue to advocate for minority and women entrepreneurs. In 2019 I said goodbye to the corporate world in order to begin my own entrepreneurial journey, catering to my passion for plants.

Daphne's Botanicals is authentically me, and allows me to share my creative skills to create green spaces that unabashedly brings others joy. Grateful to have gained experience working for a design-focused local Portland nursery, and with the full support of my family and friends seeing me play with houseplants for years, I’m finally ready to bust out and help you start your own journey to an authentically green you.

I’m 100% here to make it easy for you to experience and express the inner green self that I believe lives in all of us. 

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All things houseplants with style + function for a happier, greener you