Two Fillipino Stores, One Experience

What is Botanical Bakeshop?

Botanical Bakeshop is the collective of Shop Halo Halo and Daphne's Botanicals.

It's a unique space where you can enjoy a fresh Filipino treat while exploring a "jungle" of gorgeous houseplants.. and you can take one home if you'd like!

Co-owners Geleen (the bakery side) and Daphne (the plant side) launched Botanical Bakeshop in July 2023.





Botanical Bakeshop

What can I do at Botanical Bakeshop?

Botanical Bakeshop is a unique space where you can enjoy a delicious drink and snack while browsing houseplants and interior design. It's the perfect café/window shopping hybrid. 


Botanical bakeshop in Portland, Oregon

Shop Halo Halo treats rotate seasonally and include:


  • Orange-glazed cardamom buns
  • Ube cheese pandasal
  • Black sesame butter mochi
  • Cassava cake
  • Salted tahini chocolate chip cookies
  • Vegan cheesecakes in various fruit flavors (including lilikoi, or passionfruit)
  • Lavender calamansi shortbread


  • Matcha latte
  • Guava lime spritzer
  • Barako cold brew with pandan cheese foam


Browse our "jungle" of plants, plant tools, home décor, and other lovely things! 


Botanical Bakeshop also hosts pop-up events and workshops, so stay tuned on our insta (@botanical.bakeshop) for announcements!


Where is Botanical Bakeshop?

Botanical Bakeshop is located in SE Portland at:

4981 SE Woodstock Blvd

Portland, OR 97206

Looks for signs to "Daphne's Botanicals" or 'Shop Halo Halo" and walk right in! Both doors will let you in to the Botanical Bakeshop. Some people have a favorite door :)

When is Botanical Bakeshop open?

"Botanical Bakeshop" exists when both Daphne's Botanicals and Shop Halo Halo are open at the same time. Current overlapping hours are:

Wednesday - Saturday, 10 am - 4pm.  

Come visit us!