Meet PlantDoc,
your new houseplant assistant

Know exactly when to water, every time.

Never overwater or underwater with PlantDoc's simple
& intuitive color change design!

How does PlantDoc help with plant care?

PlantDoc is a moisture indicator tool for anyone struggling with over- or under-watering plants. Just stick the PlantDoc into your plant's soil and let this smart tool do the rest. PlantDoc changes from white to green when your plant's soil is wet; as the soil dries, PlantDoc turns back to white from top to bottom, telling you when your plant is ready for another drink!

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What you get

Moisture guidance
Spot your soil moisture levels in real time to learn your plant's unique watering needs.

With no electronics or sensors, PlantDoc reads the soil right every time.

Peace of mind
Grow your plant care expertise and water with confidence!

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Does PlantDoc work with all kinds of plants?

PlantDoc is a wonderful plant care tool for most houseplants that's easy to incorporate into your regular watering routine. The way to use PlantDoc depends on the moisture preference of your houseplants.

Let's explore how to use PlantDoc some popular houseplants:

How to water monstera plants with PlantDoc
Monstera deliciosa plants like to have their soil dry out between waterings,

so it's best to water monstera plants when PlantDoc turns completely white down to the soil level.

How to water an orchid with PlantDoc
It's important for orchid roots to dry out completely, so we recommend to water orchids after PlantDoc has turned completely white for a few days.

How to water air plants with PlantDoc
Air plants are one of the few plants that PlantDoc (or any moisture meter) can't read, because air plants use no soil :)

How to water snake plants with PlantDoc
Snake plants need very little water, wait for PlantDoc to completely turn white to know when to water a snake plant.

How to water Peperomias and succulents with PlantDoc:
Peperomias and succulents like soil to dry completely before re-watering so make sure PlantDoc is completely white down to soil level before watering again.

How to water ferns with PlantDoc
Ferns like want consistently moist soil, so watch the base of the PlantDoc and water again before PlantDoc fully returns to white.

How to water peace lily plants with PlantDoc
Peace lilies like consistently moist soil, so water when PlantDoc is 80% - 90% white.