What is PlantDoc?

Tired of squinting at dials and screens when you want to water your plant? Look no further!

Our color-changing moisture guide is super easy to read: if you see green, the plant has moisture! No green? It may be time to water.

The color change is high-contrast and easy to spot from across the room. A perfect solution for kids, older adults, people with low vision, color-blind individuals, or anyone wanting something easy to read.

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How does PlantDoc help with plant care?

PlantDoc is a moisture indicator tool for anyone struggling with over- or under-watering plants. Just stick the PlantDoc into your plant's soil and let this smart tool do the rest. PlantDoc changes from white to green when your plant's soil is wet; as the soil dries, PlantDoc turns back to white from top to bottom, telling you when your plant is ready for another drink!

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