Why PlantDoc?

All plant parents know: Moisture meters are a must.

Looking for a cute, intuitive, and plastic-free plant watering guide?

So were we, so we made it!

Meet PlantDoc

Watering, simplified

Unlike other moisture meters, there's no need to squint at dials or memorize moisture specs when using PlantDoc.

Its intuitive design mirrors your plant's watering status in real time. 

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What's even better?

We're Local

PlantDoc is designed in Portland, Oregon by the plant shop Daphne's Botanicals! Because we take care of a spectacular array of houseplants all day every day, we know a thing or two about plant care. We love hearing from other plant parents how PlantDoc has made their lives easier!

We're good for the planet

PlantDoc is the only 100% compostable moisture meter! Our patent-pending design biodegrades in a home compost. It's is free of harmful chemicals so you can let it biodegrade in a plant pot, home compost, or garden. And, PlantDoc and its storage box are plastic-free.

We're easy to read

PlantDoc's high-contrast colors make it widely accessible to people who are color-blind and/or have limited vision. And, since PlantDoc uses no numbers, dials, or graphs, it's easily understandable by children and people with limited reading ability. PlantDoc is a fantastic plant care tool!