Rose Painted Calathea/Calathea Roseopicta

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Easy Care
Bright Indirect Light
6 Inch White Pot

A prayer plant with a leaf pattern that looks like a PAINTED LEAF! It's another one of Daphne's favs for its easy care, non-toxicity and reactive leaves. This one comes already planted in a white, textured pot. Scientific name is Calathea roseopicta.

Air Purifying Yes
Non-toxic to cats & dogs (ASPCA), humans if ingested
Common or Rare
Northwest Brazil

How do you care for this plant?

Care Easy
Light Bright indirect light
Keep soil evenly moist and spritz with water often for higher humidity

What are some design and styling suggestions?

Because of their striking leaf patterns, we suggest placing Prayer Plants in simple pots. For a more rare pairing, style this Rose Painted Calathea next to a plant like the Philodendron Red Burgundy to bring out the burgundy colors of both plants.

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