Gorge(ous) Overwater Plant Shelf Set - Made of Redwood with Columbia River Gorge Inlay for Drainage

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  • Sustainably Harvested Local Redwood (naturally waterproof)
  • Drainage Carved Replicates the Columbia River Gorge
  • Stunningly Beautiful Houseplant Gift & Accessory

Make watering your plants a seamless and beautiful experience with our Gorge(ous) Overwater Plant Shelves! Ditch your planter trays and appreciate the flow of water that replicates the topography of our Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls. Instead of a tray, our shelves will catch excess water with their beautiful built-in drainage system; this two-shelf set features a subtle grading and detailed drainage system catching and guiding excess water to another plant, a favorite jar, or over your kitchen sink! 

Built to Celebrate the Beauty of the Pacific Northwest
Made locally in Vancouver, Washington, our inaugural Gorge(ous) Overwater Shelves are a tribute to our home in the Pacific Northwest. Featuring an inlay of the Columbia River Gorge leading to both sides of the legendary Multnomah Falls, excess water on our shelves flows and drips off to replicate these falls. The shelves are carved from sustainably harvested local redwood trees and were built to recognize and celebrate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. We chose redwood because it is local, lightweight, durable and naturally waterproof; and we’ve added an extra natural oil varnish to bring out the wood’s intrinsic beautiful red colors and patterns.

Two-Self Set with Optional Locally Made Brackets
Our first batch of shelves are sold only as a two-shelf set. Optional brackets are available to complete the set, all made by a small family metal shop in Salem OR, Cascade Iron Co. Brackets are clear finish J-style brackets, hand forged and made with locally sourced steel. More styles and color options are available through the company directly, as well as detailed installation instructions.

Product details:
• 14” x 6” x 1” (actual dimensions for one shelf)
• Set of two shelves
• Brackets are optional (2 per shelf so 4 total brackets, 8 screws included)
• Sustainably harvested Pacific Northwest redwood (naturally waterproof)
• Hand-finished with a natural oil varnish
• Optional brackets hand forged by a small family shop in Salem, OR Cascade Iron Co
• All materials sourced and crafted here in the PNW