Tradescantia Nanouk / Tradescantia albiflora

 Easy Care
Bright Indirect Light

A totally instagramable plant, the Tradescantia Nanouk produces a purple, white, pink and green stripe pattern on its leaves. A unique trailing plant with upright stems, we love this plant because its easy to grow with big returns! This plant comes in a 4" diameter growers pot. Scientific name is  Tradescantia albiflora 'Nanouk.'

Air Purifying Yes
Toxic to cats & dogs, humans if ingested
Common or Rare
Less common
Native Patented plant, developed in Netherlands 2012

How do you care for this plant?

Care Easy
Light Bright indirect light
Water when top inch or so is dry, and don't let dry out!

What are some design and styling suggestions?

We love this plant for sticking out in a cute black or white pot in your bathroom or kitchen sink window. It'll love the humidity, and you'll love the purple, pink and white greenery!

More care instructions provided with each plant purchase. All plants purchased late in the week will be shipped out on Mondays. Ceramic pot pictured not included with purchase.