*RARE* Ric Rac / Zigzag Cactus / Epiphyllum anguliger

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Easy Care
Bright Indirect to Direct Light
6 Inch Pot

A super unique RARE trailing houseplant for its 'zig zag' leaf pattern! SUPER easy to grow, it flowers in similar growing environments as its cousin, the orchid. Though it rarely flowers, it is part of the blooming cactus family; the blooms open at night and only last for one day! As the leaves grow longer, it makes for a great hanging basket. Scientific name is Epiphyllum anguliger.

The Zigzag Cactus is pictured here with our 7-inch terracotta pot with tray.

Air Purifying Yes
Non-toxic to cats & dogs, humans
Common or Rare
Native Mexico

How do you care for this plant?

Care Super easy
Light Bright indirect to direct light
Let dry out before watering

What are some design and styling suggestions?

Hang this stunner in a sunny bedroom window. Not only will you enjoy its unique zig zag leaf pattern when you wake up, you'll reap the benefits of its air purifying properties.

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