Creeping Philodendron / Rhaphidophora decursiva (RARE)

Easy Care
Bright Indirect Light

Native across Asia, this houseplant grows into a giant climber and adds an excellent tropical feel to any space. A low maintenance plant that likes humidity, it is similar to the Monstera deliciosa but is actually a different genera. Scientific name is  Rhaphidophora decursiva.

*IT'S COLD OUT THERE! If you live in a state with cold weather, please select "Plant + Heat Pack" in the drop down menu. We want to ensure your plant arrives happy and stays in tropical temps during the winter!

Air Purifying Yes
Yes mildly toxic to cats & dogs; humans.
Common or Rare
China, the Indian Subcontinent, and Indochina

How do you care for this plant?

Care Easy
Light Bright filtered or indirect light
Soil likes to stay moist but do not overwater!

What are some design and styling suggestions?

If you want a true tropical feeling in your home, the Rhaphidophora decursiva is the houseplant for you. Does best when allowed to climb, so place in an area big enough to enjoy and watch it grow; it can reach up to 40 inches long and 20 inches wide!

More care instructions provided with each plant purchase. All plants purchased late in the week will be shipped out on Mondays. Ceramic pot pictured not included with purchase.

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