Give Me the Best Deal Package

Our Give Me the Best Deal Package includes everything from the Let's Start Basic Package (our Sauropod Watering Can, digital soil moisture meter and an easy starter plant), PLUS 1 single area virtual interior plant design consult all for $125.00.

How Our Design Consult Works

Shopping and choosing the right plants and pots for your home and lifestyle can be overwhelming. We will work with you to build a custom interior plant design and styling plan so that you feel confident to shop for your inner green self. Consult alone offered at an introductory price of $90.00.

Step 1. Show Us Your Style & Space Complete a brief online survey to tell us more about your single area space (less than 500 sq. ft.) requirements, personal style and preferences, maintenance level and budget. Video consultation preferred but optional.

Step 2. Get a Custom Plant Design Plan Receive a custom visual design plan with shopping links and prices for everything including your houseplants to pottery to your dream moss wall. Custom plant care guidance also included.

Step 3. Shop for Your Inner Green Self Receive your final custom plan that is to your 100% satisfaction based on your feedback. Feel confident to shop the right plants and decor that meets your needs, matches your lifestyle and fits your budget.

Options available for concierge online order and delivery, including contactless in-person delivery for Portland, OR area residents. Buy any plants or product from Daphne's Botanicals plant shop and get 10% off.

Upon purchase, we will contact you to start your journey toward a greener you.