Alocasia 'Kuching Mask'

Moderately Easy Care
Bright Indirect Light
4.5 Inch Pot

Alocasia 'Kuching Mask' Elephant Ear is a a very distinct type of alocasia; this plant only grows to 2 feet tall but its leaves can reach up to 4 feet wide! We love this plant because it can become so massive, and really add to that jungle feel or vintage vibe in your home. Watching it grow can be really satisfying. 

Air Purifying Yes
Yes very toxic to cats & dogs; humans
Common or Rare
Less common
Southeast Asia


How do you care for this plant?

Care Requires a little extra attention!
Light Bright indirect light - keep out of direct sun
Water when top 2-3 inches of soil are dry. Prefers medium to high humidity. Water less in winter.


What are some design and styling suggestions?

The alocasia makes a great living room piece, so long as there is bright light. Watch it grow and become your houseplant statement piece, really adding extra to that tropical feel in your home.

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