Gorge(ous) Overwater Plant Shelf Set - Made of Redwood with Columbia River Gorge Inlay for Drainage

  • Beautiful redwood is sustainably harvested and naturally waterproof
  • Drainage carving inlay of the Columbia River Gorge
  • One or two-shelf set; optional brackets
  • Free Shipping

Make watering your plants a seamless and beautiful experience with our Gorge(ous) Overwater Plant Shelves! If you’ve ever spilled over when watering your plants, you know how much of a mess it can be - especially around electronics or decorations. Instead of worrying about a mess, overwater to your heart’s content and use our shelves with their beautiful built-in drainage system. This 2 shelf set features a subtle grading and detailed drainage system allowing you to direct excess water wherever you like. You can even ditch your planter trays completely and stop worrying about drowning your plants, or create a flowing hydroponic system on our beautiful shelves.

Built to Celebrate the Beauty of the Pacific Northwest
With every component sourced and created locally, our inaugural Gorge(ous) Overwater Shelves are a tribute to our home in the Pacific Northwest. Featuring an inlay of the Columbia River Gorge leading to both sides of the legendary Multnomah Falls, excess water on our shelves flows and drips off to replicate these falls. The shelves are carved from sustainably harvested redwood trees and were built to recognize and celebrate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. We chose redwood because it is local, lightweight, durable and naturally waterproof; and we’ve added an extra natural oil varnish and wax coating to bring out the wood’s intrinsic beautiful red colors and patterns.

Optional Brackets
Brackets have a beautiful clear-coat finish and the J-style design to allow you to easily move or remove the shelves for watering or cleaning. Brackets are hand-forged by Cascade Iron Co, a small, family-owned business located in Silverton, OR.  Additional styles and color options are available through the company directly, as well as detailed installation instructions.

Care Instructions: 
Because redwood is naturally waterproof, overall care is minimal, but we have some brief recommendations to keep your shelf looking its best:
  • to clean, wipe with a damp cloth, add soap if needed and gently clean and wipe dry

  • re-apply a wood wax of your choosing every year to restore its luster if needed

Product details:
• 14” x 6” x 1” (actual dimensions for one shelf)
• 2-shelf set 
• Optional brackets (2 brackets per shelf, and 2 screws per bracket included)
• Sustainably harvested Pacific Northwest redwood
• Detailed bracket installation guide available here
• All materials sourced and crafted here in the PNW
• Hand-finished with a natural oil varnish and wax coating