The Daphne Pot

We had to do it - we wanted something super special for you from our little shop! We partnered and invested in creating a Daphne's Botanicals branded & handmade glazed clay pot by Clay Factor Ceramics in Portland, OR. We aptly named it "The Daphne Pot."

With an abundance of potters in Oregon, we choose Clay Factor Ceramics because of their minimal lines and high quality, modern wares. They use a wheel thrown method, from clay sourced locally in the Pacific Northwest and materials sourced from the West Coast. Working with the owner has been a huge delight; Minu, also a minority and women business entrepreneur, is deeply passionate about her craft and cares for the quality of each ware that comes off the wheel. 

The Daphne Pot is handmade of porous clay (similar to the benefits of traditional terracotta clay), half dipped at an angle in a Daphne's Botanicals berry brand colored glaze and includes a drainage hole. The inside of its matching tray is also glazed in the berry color, finished with the Daphne's Botanicals logo stamped on the underside. 

It's a wannabe ceramic pot but functional and breathable and much more stylish than your average garden pot! 

Perfectly fits a 4" nursery pot. Pot dimensions: 4.5"w x 4"h. 

*Not gonna lie, we will celebrate every time one of The Daphne Pot's is purchased!