Real Robusta Birds Nest Snake Plant

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Easy Care
Low to Bright Light
6 Inch Pot

This snake plant is a less common Sansevieria variety, replicating a birds nest-like shape with variegated leaves that will grow to only 8" high. Still one of the best air purifiers out there, and the go-to for lower light conditions. Scientific name is Sansevieria trifasciata robusta 'Hahnii.'

Air Purifying Yes
Toxic to cats & dogs, humans if ingested
Common or Rare
Western Africa

How do you care for this plant?

Care Easy
Light Low to bright light
Water when soil is completely dry, biggest killer is overwatering 

What are some design and styling suggestions?

The snake plant is one of the best plants for lower light and when you want a natural air purifier in your space. Use a few different sized snake plants with similar pots to create an interesting and easy plant wall/area for your low light office or bedroom!

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