Tiger Tooth / Jungle Boogie / Philodendron Narrow

Easy Care
Medium to Bright Indirect Light
4 Inch Pot

This philodendron hails from South America and is also known as 'Jungle Boogie' or 'Tiger Tooth" for it's deep serrated leaf edges as it matures! It can live in lower light areas of your home just fine, but it thrives in moderate/medium light. As it matures, it becomes a low full-floor plant.

Air Purifying Yes
Toxic to cats & dogs, humans if ingested
Common or Rare
Less Common
Native Thai hybrid

How do you care for this plant?

Care Easy
Light Medium to bright indirectly light
Water when it is 50% - 75% dry; they don't like to be completely dry or too moist.

What are some design and styling suggestions?

Pair your Philodendron Narrow with the Philodendron Imperial Red- these two plains are similar in shape and structure but vary in texture and color. They'll be stunning floor plants in any jungle wannabe home.

More care instructions provided with each plant purchase. All plants purchased late in the week will be shipped out on Mondays. Ceramic pot pictured not included with purchase.

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