*RARE* Mini Monstera

Easy Care
Bright Indirect Light
4.5 Inch Pot

Resembling the popular Monstera deliciosa, this plant actually originates from Southern Thailand or Malaysia (and not Central America like the deliciosa). The plant is similar but much faster growing with its holes and split leaves showing just as fast with bright indirect light. It's the newest must-have plant! Scientific name is  Rhaphidophora tetrasperma.

Air Purifying Unknown
Common or Rare
Southern Thailand or Malaysia 

How do you care for this plant?

Care Easy
Light Bright filtered or indirect light
Soil likes to stay moist but do not overwater!

What are some design and styling suggestions?

We love this plant next to an Alocasia, a Philodendron or Pothos. Since it's a fast grower, you really can't go wrong if you place this Mini Monstera next to any plant - it speaks for itself! If you really want to showcase it, pot it in a brightly colored container next to your more neutral toned planters.

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