PlantDoc Biodegradable Moisture Indicator

Stop killing your plants! Over and under-watering are the biggest killers of houseplants. Even when you've settled on a consistent care schedule, factors such as changes in light and indoor heating/cooling that come with different seasons can affect the watering needs of your houseplants.

PlantDoc provides a super easy and environmentally friendly way to visualize your houseplants' soil moisture level regardless of your home environment. Just place PlantDoc in your plant's soil and watch the white Monstera leaf transform into a vibrant and colorful green as it absorbs water! As the leaf turns back to white PlantDoc will visually indicate to you when you should water your houseplant again.

The way you interpret and use PlantDoc will depend on the type of houseplant. Houseplants such as Peperomias and Ficuses that want the soil to be dry before watering again will need PlantDoc to be completely white before watering again. Ferns and Peace Lily's that want evenly moist soil will need PlantDoc to be consistently showing some green.

With PlantDoc, see at-a-glance whether it's time to water your plant!

Visit our FAQ here for answers to questions and other helpful tips. Email Us with any additional questions. Make sure to compost PlantDoc when you're done using it!

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